The MST 50K has been completed! What’s next?!

Here is a short video recapping the event. Also.. Imposter syndrome Is real for runners. At least for me t was.. not anymore. run slow. You are a runner run fast. You are a runner. the key is to just get outside more. and move a little. My mantras. Feel free to use! My race,…

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What I Listen To When I Run

I often get asked if I get bored on the long runs and the answer it, yes and no. Honestly, more often than not, I start out with nothing in my ears as I want to enjoy the world around me plus when its really early and dark in the morning, its kind of freaky…

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Shoe Review – Asics Gel Nimbus 23

Hello  Once again, it’s been too long since an update of any sorts and that changes starting today. I have a bunch more content to share.. starting with this update and shoe review! 

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Training Update

As it’s been over a month since my last update, I thought I’d share with y’all how the overall training is going. The good, bad and the ugly.   Short version: The good: feeling pretty good overall. The bad: longer runs kick my ass! The ugly: my diet still sucks.   The slightly longer version:…

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Why am I running a 50K?

Post-its on monitor

In sharing the news of my registering for the MTS 50K with some of my F3 buddies, I noticed a theme on the responses I was getting. Many were “oh. cool…awesome!” along with the, “whoa.. you’re crazy”. The response that I didn’t expect was the basic question of “why?” What I have learned from both…

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Headlamp Review

Hi there! As its really dark in the mornings when I headset for my training runs l saw these Duracell Broadview headlamp 3 pack at my local Costco. I checked and they also sell it on Amazon for about the same price. FYI, I’ve had other headlamps but they were cheap and would break somewhat…

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The First Run Back!

Trees on The American Tobacco Trail in Apex, NC

In taking the doctors advice to the letter, I have followed the doctors Rx to the hilt, which wasn’t easy. The guidelines were:  4-6 weeks in the boot (I did 5) 3 weeks shoe only, walking / no running. Took a solid week to get my gait back. That boot mucked things up) 2 weeks…

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Well that sucks!


You’ve heard the the saying that “timing is everything” right?  Sure you have, though normally it’s in regards to comedy and or being lucky.  Well in this case, the timing wasn’t funny nor lucky. I explain more in the video.    

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And so it begins


Why hello there! As the title says,  “So it begins…”  this must mean I’m starting something?  Right?  Yep.. indeed I have.  I do think the video below will explain it best. :). Take a gander.   Site links mentioned:  

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