Today’s update is brought to you by the recommendation of my F3 buddy “Duece” to share it as we were sharing in a group chat our goals/plan of the week/month.. I shared that I was doing the following this week:

  • Mon – Bootcamp/Stretch – Wolverine
  • Tue – Run 4-5ish (prob into an AO/Ride home!)+ Light Yoga
  • Wed– Stretch/Weights @ Home or might consider 7th Inning Stretch bootcamp)
  • Thur – Run 6ish- local loop.
  • Fri – Stretch/Weights OR light bootcamp.
  • Sat – time on feet 2.8hrs.. mile potential ~12-13 *the Saturday time on feet calculation is based in adding 15-20% each week for long runs..
  • Sun: Rest/Stretch

I also added the info on how I came to getting that 2.8hrs on time on feet method as I am going with the philosophy of adding 20% per week, and in my case its the “TIME ON FEET” style of training.

So last Saturday I set my timer for 70 mins as I headed out on the American Tobacco Trail and then turned around. That in theory would be at least 140 mins, though could be longer if I slow down or have any issues, but this time it turned out to be 137mins as my last mile was a bit faster. Doesn’t always work out that way.

So..taking the 20% approach

Last weeks long run was set to 70 minutes out.
20% more is + 14 mins.. so.. 84 mins.. x2.. 168.. / 60 = 2.8hrs

Furthermore, based on a pace of average 13:30mile for 84 mins, its technically 1hr 24 mins out… which equals 6.22miles.. so in theory I could cover about 12:44 miles.

Again, for me it’s not about the miles, it’s about getting used to being out for a long duration, and dealing with all the stuff that comes from that. What are those things.. well the standard stuff.. nutrition, hydration, heat, humidity (have I mentioned how I do not like the humidity?! ) and of course the body and feet on general.

Lastly, let us not forget the mental/mindset that always needs to be dealt with.

So, there you have it. My plan for this week and the overall plan on getting time on feet. Hope that helps someone else out there!

Have a great day!
Go running!


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