I'm back with another review for an electrolyte drink mix! As I am still 2 months out from the next event (Blue Ridge Relay), now is the time to test new things!

Recently, I put LMNT electrolyte drink mix to the test, intrigued by their unique approach to hydration: “More Salt, Not Less.” Each serving packs a whopping 1000mg of sodium, which immediately caught my attention after experiencing some severe cramping issues during the Sedona Canyon 125 back in May. As my coach had advised me to increase my sodium intake, and with the humid weather here in North Carolina (85-95% humidity daily for the past ten days!), it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try LMNT.

The Test Run

For my most recent long run, I decided to test two flavors from the LMNT sample pack: Raspberry Salt and Chocolate Salt. I mixed each flavor into separate 500ml flasks and carried an additional 1.5 liters of water in the bladder on my back.

Raspberry Salt

Starting with the Raspberry Salt, I was immediately struck by the intensity of the flavor. It was a powerful raspberry taste, followed by a strong saltiness that was impossible to miss. As someone who typically doesn't add much salt to food, this was a new and somewhat overwhelming experience. However, despite the initial shock, I found the flavor grew on me, and it was effective in keeping me hydrated and cramp-free throughout the run.

Chocolate Salt

The Chocolate Salt, on the other hand, was a different story. I found the flavor to be rather weak compared to the Raspberry Salt. The saltiness was still present, but the chocolate flavor didn't quite hit the mark for me. I prefer the taste of Tailwind's Chocolate Recovery drink, which I regularly use during both training runs and events. I even struggled to finish the 500ml flask and eventually switched to a Gu gel and water for the second half of the run. In telling my friend Dustin about my test, he mentioned that the Chocolate Salt works well as hot cocoa when mixed with hot water, but I'll have to wait until winter to test that theory.

Nutritional Profile

Aside from the high sodium content, each LMNT packet also contains 200mg of potassium and 60mg of magnesium, which as a non nutritionist I am sure are good solid numbers!

Final Thoughts

Will I use LMNT again in the future? The Raspberry Salt gets a solid maybe from me; the flavor was strong, but it effectively kept me hydrated in the humid conditions. The Chocolate Salt, however, is not something I'll be reaching for again, at least not in its current form  Also, I have six more flavors to test, so stay tuned for future reviews as I continue to explore LMNT and other hydration options.

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