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The Struggle Bus Is Real!

I just wrapped up another week of training while traveling to the West coast, and I managed to sneak in some runs in sunny Southern California and have my first In-N-Out double double in over 7 years!  That said, I did appear that I brought the humidity with me though—definitely not the ideal running weather! But hey, it's all part of the adventure, right?  Also, the launch of my Personalized Strava Map offering welnt really well!  ICYMI:  check it out here

Strava Stats – Jun 24, 2024 – Jun 30, 2024

  • 15.6  miles ran
  • 2:57  time on feet
  • 803 ft elevation

Workouts & Run Recap: 

  • Mon: Rest Day: Stretched.
  • Tue: 54mins: Intervals. Not a huge fan!
  • Wed: 30mins: Skipped due to early morning travel. Did mobility stretches.
  • Thur: 30 min: Total struggle bus. I was up early due to being on West coast and thinking the In N Out didn’t help. I did have the option for rest day or 30 mins. Went with 30 mins. I'm better off for it.
  • Fri: 54 min: Intervals. Again. Didn’t love them, but did it.
  • Sat 90 min: missed. Took red eye flight home via BOS to RDU, but too hot at home and too tired!  Life.
  • Sun: 40 min: Did it. Sucked. 77º with 95% humidity.

Overall Recap

Not a very high mileage week due to the combo of travel and weather. Allowing myself some grace here, and plan on doing better next week.  Another week went by without much on the weight training sadly. As soon as this publishes, I’m scheduling next weeks workouts. Found a few plans that I will be implementing parts of.  It’s never too late.

Sedona Canyon 125M open slots: 41

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