Photo of sunrise over airport in Torino

Sunrise over airport in Torino


Well, this past week was a rough one as I battled some jet lag after returning from Italy, making those initial interval workouts feel like climbing the Alps. Flying back and forth from East coast to West coast not a problem, but heading further East and doubling the time shirt, not ideal!   Oh, let’s not forget to combine the jet lag  with 95% morning humidity over the past week that literally sucks the life out of you, it was a struggle!

Luckily by then end of the week, I found my stride and felt stronger before the long run on Saturday.

Strava Stats – Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 23, 2024

  • 24.1  miles ran
  • 5:18  time on feet
  • 917 ft elevation

Workouts & Run Recap: 

  • Mon: Travel day back to States.
  • Tue: 50 mins: Coach had me on hill repeats/intervals. TBH… this really sucked.  Hard all around and I kind of gave up towards the end.
  • Wed: 30: mins Easy pace. Felt okay.
  • Thur – Rest day.  Thought about weights, but didn’t make it happen. Sad.
  • Thur: Efasy run or rest. I choose rest! Stretched a bit.
  • Fri: 50 mins: Intervals again. This time I was prepared. Better sleep and focused. Felt strong the whole time
  • Sat: 90 mins: Did out and back on ATT. Sticky and hot as I’ve mentioned. Found porta potty on way back just in time!  IYKYK!
  • Sun: 40 mins. Ran a small local loop. felt a bit heavy.. but not too bad.

Overall Recap:

Mileage was up and I feel pretty good overall. Took steps to make sure I stayed hydrated as the week progressed. Too easy think a short run will be easy.  I also rested a bit more than I usually do during the day. Sadly I didn't lift weights at all.  Arrgg..  It’s all about balance, both for mind and body.

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