When it comes to ultra running, finding the right nutrition can make or break your performance. This has led me to try Tailwind Endurance Fuel’s Watermelon flavor, affectionately known as Dauwaltermelon, named after elite ultra runner Courtney Dauwalter. Here's my honest take on it.

A Rocky Start with Tailwind

My journey with Tailwind didn’t start on the best note. Years ago, my friend “Pivot” (his F3 nickname) gave me a bag of Lemon flavor as he didn’t like it. I was game as it saved me $40!  It was my first brush with Tailwind, and I found it overwhelmingly sweet, leaving me thirstier than before. Turns out my ratios were off, and as someone accustomed to fueling solely with Gu gels, the transition to liquid nutrition was a challenge.

The next time I tried Tailwind was during my first ultra, the Mountain to Sea 50K. I ran out of water and relied on what was avail from the event itself. Turns out that their concentration was again too much for me. This rocky start left me hesitant to fully embrace liquid nutrition for some time.

Learning to Fuel with Liquid Nutrition

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself working with a nutritionist, Julie Shobe. Under her guidance, I trained my gut to handle liquid nutrition, specifically Tailwind. With proper ratios and a bit of perseverance, I began to see decent success. Tailwind became a reliable source of energy during my runs, and I started exploring various flavors.

The Dauwaltermelon Experience

Recently, my friend Amanda, who has switched to a different brand, handed me a bunch of sample packets, including the Dauwaltermelon flavor. Always eager to try new things and share my experiences, I gave it a go during a run in Italy last week.

The verdict? It was okay. I enjoy a refreshing watermelon during the summer, but the flavor didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. On the bright side, it did its job well, keeping my energy levels stable during a two-hour run. However, I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing this flavor in the future.

Looking Ahead

While Dauwaltermelon might not become a staple in my nutrition arsenal, I’m excited to try other flavors from Tailwind. As every runner’s taste and nutritional needs are different, so finding the perfect match is key. I’ll be sharing more reviews on other flavors and brands here on the blog, helping you navigate the world of endurance nutrition.

Stay tuned for more insights and reviews as I continue to experiment with different fueling options to keep my runs strong and enjoyable.  Your perfect flavor might just be one packet away!

Oh.. are there any products you want me to try on your behalf?  Let me know!

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