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Trail run in Torino, Italy

Another week of pounding the trails is in the books, and boy, do I have some stories. ICYMI… . I just spent the week in Torino, Italy! Picture this: me, darting through the Italian forest like a caffeinated gazelle, channeling my inner gelato-fueled Italian stallion. Spoiler alert – I didn’t spill my espresso once! Now onto the overall weeks events.

Strava Stats – June 10 – June 16, 2024

  • 17.9 miles ran
  • 3h 42m  time on feet
  • 1,146 ft elevation

Workouts & Run Recap: 

  • Mon: Light Stretching. 30 mins weights!. Arms/Chest!  Then traveled to Torino, Italy.
  • Tue: End of travel day so no running, but lots of walking through airports and then in Torino.
  • Wed: 50 mins— Torino run #1. Found my way down to the Po River. Beautiful!
  • Thur 45 mins – Tornio run #2.  Went the opposite direction from the previous day.
  • Fri: Rest day
  • Sat: 2hrs.Tornio run #3  Found a Strava route and made my way there. Honestly, this was harder than I expected, but solid training and experience for “some” race held in Arizona!
    Starting from the trailhead it was pretty much a solid climb for the first 1-2 miles. Then I had to dodge some mud and literally crawl under a very large tree trunk. I decided to climb over it on the return. All that said, the path itself was beautiful, but towards the top th trail got real muddy, so I opted to turn around.
  • Sun – 30mins. Tornio run #4. This was to be my last run on this trip,  and a short one at that. I actually missed a turn as I was kinda zoned out, enjoying the sites of a different part of town.


Overall Recap
Though the mileage was low, I'm still pretty content with the overall week on my feet.  Of course being in Italy, I probably had 1 or 2 or 5 to many treats, but as I was also attending a conference, I did walk a lot every day so I am leaning towards the fact that it balanced out!

Sedona Canyon 125M open slots: 56

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