I’ve been going to RR Sports since 2013 as my account profit of purchases indicates. When I lived in SoCal it was super convenient to visit their Torrance location, but alas as I have moved across the country, I find myself using the online store now.

That being said, I’m really happy with the the products (mostly shoes) and service I’ve received over the years. I also really like the VIP level as it does save $ and allows for returns/credit.

Though RRS isn’t a full on affiliate or a sponsor at the moment, I did recently find out that I can share a link that nets me $10 in VIP rewards on your first purchase plus gives you and will give you 20% as well.

Sharing is caring as they say!

Clicking the link below will take you there and track all the things.

ps. I just ordered yet another pair of shoes today – Nov 21 2021… should be here in a few days. looking forward to that review!


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