I often get asked if I get bored on the long runs and the answer it, yes and no.

Honestly, more often than not, I start out with nothing in my ears as I want to enjoy the world around me plus when its really early and dark in the morning, its kind of freaky not being able to hear things. All that being said, and depending on how I feel during the run, I do often listen to either music or podcasts.

On the podcast front, I do listen to a variety of different types of shows, but as this site is related to running, I wanted to share two running related podcasts I enjoy.  They are:

  • Big Ass Runner
    • Hosted by Jeff Harrell & Steven Pritt.. these two are “thick as thieves” as the warden from Shawshank would say. That’s to say, they are good friends, have great banter and have a variety of running related topics to talk about. The bonus of course are their frequent guests “The Bazors”.
  • Running is BS
    • I recently started listening to this a few weeks back and find both Stewart Harding & Amy Genders also quite entertaining as they discuss how they find running is BS, yet continue to do it!

As far as music goes I’m fairly old school in the sense that I don’t subscribe to any streaming services.  The songs that are actually on my iPhone I moved there via a wire!  But I’ve gone ahead and re-created the playlists over on spotify for ya in case you want to check them out.


Playlist #1 –  Short duration at only 30min, but a bunch of upbeat/higher energy songs.


Playlist #2  – Odd, yet true as it’s the soundtrack from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  A great movie and honestly a really good soundtrack!



Lastly…  of course I will leave the AirPods™ in the in the car  if I have some buddies with me. At the moment those friends of mine are from the F3 Carpex group (specifically “Sooey” & “Duece” ) that I am in and we’ll run slow enough to chat but also just take in the surroundings without words too.


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