The MST 50K has been completed! What’s next?!

Here is a short video recapping the event. Also.. Imposter syndrome Is real for runners. ...
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What I Listen To When I Run

I often get asked if I get bored on the long runs and the answer ...
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Shoe Review – Asics Gel Nimbus 23

Hello  Once again, it’s been too long since an update of any sorts and that ...
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Training Update

As it's been over a month since my last update, I thought I'd share with ...
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Post-its on monitor

Why am I running a 50K?

In sharing the news of my registering for the MTS 50K with some of my ...
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Trees on The American Tobacco Trail in Apex, NC

The First Run Back!

In taking the doctors advice to the letter, I have followed the doctors Rx to ...
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Well that sucks!

You've heard the the saying that "timing is everything" right?  Sure you have, though normally ...
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And so it begins

Why hello there! As the title says,  "So it begins..."  this must mean I'm starting ...
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